Polyethylene is an industrial product obtained from raw material and produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to the field of use. It is widely used in many packaging and easy packaging fields. It has rapidly become widespread in the field of packaging because it provides great facilities and is economical.


Stretch Types available in our stocks:

9 micron first 500 meters of imported hand-stretch Turkey

17 and 23 micron hand type and machine type black strech

17 micron 300 meters hand type strech

23 micron 300 meters hand type strech

17 micron 1500 meters machine type strech

23 micron 1500 meters machine type strech

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Food Stretch

Food Stretch

Stretch films fully protect the products from wetting, dusting and dispersing and are resistant to t..

145.00 ₺

Pallet Stretch

Pallet Stretch

Pallet Stretch - 17 mic x 50 cm x 200 mt (from the manufacturer)- Sold in 1 carton and 6 pieces are ..

21.50 ₺

Sliced Stretch Film

Sliced Stretch Film

In accordance with the request of our customers, the desired length, width and weight (5 cm to 50 cm..

5.40 ₺

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